katkun ([personal profile] katkun) wrote2012-01-04 03:22 pm

Holiday movie watching

Re-watched Captain America and Thor. Still blah on both of them (second watch was to give them another try to grab me) but still excited about the upcoming Avengers movie. Admittedly, it could be a hot mess, but I'm optimistic.

I watched Moneyball, and mainly was happy that it put me on to Lenka, who I for some reason hadn't heard before. Then Margin Call. I do like Quinto and quite enjoyed the movie, though I would have liked more exploration of the aftermath (yes, I know that wasn't the point of the film).

I'm re-watching X-Men: First Class and finding it as wonderful as the first time through. Why do I like it so much more than the other two superhero movies? The actors are exceptional and have real chemistry - maybe that's it....

Inception is up next, though I'm back to work, so probably not until next week.

And I did easily get hold of Sherlock 201, which was fun, if a bit wacky at the end. And I still don't get why Adler did any of what she did, but maybe that will eventually become clear. More Sherlock soon - short series, though :(

And Vampire Diaries and Supernatural will be back this week....