katkun ([personal profile] katkun) wrote2011-12-27 08:37 am


So, I've been reading the fifth Dresden book on and off for about a month and am still only a hundred or so pages in. Given that I'm perfectly capable of reading 2-3 books every day, this doesn't say a lot for the book.... I'm finding anything more interesting than finishing the book, including laundry and doing dishes (and posting on dw).

That said, I really do want to keep reading the series, as I've heard it gets better (although the first five books have not made me optimistic) and I'm stuck in a lull waiting for more Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, etc.

It's interesting that some of the fanfic for Dresden Files is unquestionably better written than the novels. Shame no-one is writing excellent fanfic for some of the other books that I really love.